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‘I don’t normally praise others but…’

Patroclos is a column I particularly enjoy, even when it refers to me.  But I believe you have been unfair to Mr Andreas Mavroyiannis and I feel I must send you this letter with the request that it be published.

In my view, Mr Andreas Mavroyiannis is a man of integrity, loyalty, dedication and ability.  He has served the Republic of Cyprus with distinction from a number of important positions.  His performance has been a credit to the Government and the Republic of Cyprus.  He is an acknowledged expert in the law and the practice of the European Union.

I have been participating in the intercommunal negotiations as his legal adviser for some time now and I can vouch for the excellent way in which he is conducting his very difficult and important task.  The negotiating process is a very difficult one, since good will and common sense are never enough.

Many thorny problems must be dealt with, and Mr Mavroyiannis and his team are doing so with incredible hard work, persistence and dedication.  He is always fully prepared and is carrying out his duties in a way that does credit both to himself and to those associated with him.  It is not often that I speak of others in this way (I normally reserve praise for myself) but I thought, with the greatest respect, that Patroclos has been unfair to one of the most accomplished and decent public servants I know.

P.G. Polyviou,
Senior Partner

Chryssafinis & Polyviou LLC

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