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LGBT rights v religious rights

Decades of LGBT relentless propaganda, dedication and perseverance to manipulate – under the umbrella of equality and tolerance  – combined with homosexual politicians in high places coming out of the closet and awarding them regular gains, has given them enough rights to overrule and  threaten the religious rights of others.

LGBT people are not a majority but we are being attacked on two fronts by our political leaders who dictate for the rest of us without putting it to a vote, and also by similar minded pro-gay Church leaders fighting from within, at least those abroad.

This small country of ours under EU powers that must be obeyed, will soon be obliged to impose prison sentences and fines on those that believe their religious laws should be observed by their children or quoting the reasons as given by our Bible while within hearing distance of a LGBT member .

To be ‘fruitful and multiply,’ now means to circumvent nature and  visit ‘supermarkets orphanages’ or pay for surrogacy and allow the child to decide which gender they prefer after being environed in their foster parents lifestyles.   Christians in England are now – with a court ruling – refused adoptions unless they are willing to teach the orphan that homosexuality is a normal practice.

A Dinou, Nicosia

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