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Law on composting, recycling and separate collection to be passed soon


Cyprus is close to adopting legislation to prevent and reduce organic waste and the environment department is already at an advanced stage of drafting the regulations to be included in the legislation.

Environment department officer Kalliroi Christophi told CNA that household composting was provided for in the national programme for the prevention of creating waste, which the department has prepared. In this programme, she said, a measure to reduce organic waste was the promotion by the local authorities of composting at home.

Asked how the scheme would be implemented by the municipalities, Christophi said it was a project proposed by the department for co-funding, and has been included in the business programme 2014-2020, concerning the prevention, reduction, separate collection at the source, and utilisation of waste.

“So the municipalities and communities will be able to submit to the environment department a comprehensive plan for the management of solid waste. Within these measures, if a municipality or community suggests the promotion of household composting, due to the fact that the equipment is funded through the structural funds, it will be able to secure the funds”, Christophi said and pointed out that the composting bins were not expensive.

Asked about educating citizens about composting, Christophi said the department was currently working on an education and training programme with seminars on these issues, which would be addressed to local authorities, households and businesses.

These seminars, she said, would include all topics of prevention, such as the best practices for preventing the production of waste, or best practices for separate collection at the source, or even best practices for recycling. (CNA)

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