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TELETHON fundraiser due to start on June 15

The annual TELETHON fund raiser to assist the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) and the Cyprus Muscular Dystrophy, helps the quality of patients’ lives, the institute’s chief Leonidas Phylaktou said yesterday.

During the fund raiser, members of the public will be able to make donations though the telephone, and on air during the show hosted by Sigma TV.

As part of the campaign, other activities like a bicycle rides, concerts, car wash, and children’s musicals are being organised by groups or companies which donate the proceeds to TELETHON.

Last year, €110,000 was raised, Phylaktou said, which was used to buy equipment and pharmaceuticals, and cover of lab tests and examinations.

TELETHON also funds research programmes carried out by scientists of the CING and students of the School of Molecular Medicine.

At the moment, Phylaktou said, six research programmes were underway, among them, a treatment to cure muscular dystrophy.

The TELETHON will run from June 15-19. To give donations members of the public should call 8000 1494 or send SMS to 7060 and write Telethon 1 to donate €1, Telethon 3 for €3 and Τelethon 5 for €5 donations.

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