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Recycling mentality changing but ‘not there yet’

The mentality of people regarding recycling, reusing and reducing waste has changed but Cypriot society has still a long way to go, Head of Public Relations of Anakyklos Perivallontiki, Antroulla Shiati, has said.

In an interview with CNA, Shiati noted that schools play an important role in disseminating information on recycling, reusing and reducing waste.
She also spoke about a growing volume of recyclable materials reaching Anakyklos, especially clothing as more and more recycling bins are being placed in areas islandwide and also new organisations, foundations and schools were taking part in the campaigns to collect clothing.
Shiati said that from September to December 2010, the year the organisation was establishment, 200 tonnes of clothing were collected. This had more than quadrupled by last year.

Between January and April 2015, 347 tonnes have been collected.
Anakyklos Perivallontiki collects clothes, shoes, bags, belts, and linen, such as sheets, bed covers and pillowcases, as well as kitchen items, toys and books.
“Everything comes to our warehouse in the Alambra industrial area, where it is sorted by trained staff,” said Shiati.

Asked about the awareness campaigns, Shiati notes that disseminating information and cultivating awareness was among the priorities of Anakyklos since its establishment.
“Every year we cover around 80 to 100 actions and schools, where we give presentations concerning our work and carry out workshops with recyclable materials”, she says.
Asked how well Cypriots in general are informed regarding recycling, reducing and reusing waste, Shiati said she had been following the situation for years and noted that organisations recycling various materials provide information. However, “the schools do great work”, she said.

“The mentality of the people has changed, they recycle more but we still have a long way to go,” she said.

She also noted that Cypriots produce more waste than others in other countries “because they do not recycle enough”.
Asked if Anakyklos Perivallontiki intended to expand its activities to other recyclable materials, Shiati says it did.

“The aim is always a minimal 2 per cent to reach landfills,” she said. (CNA)

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