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Contractors claim unpaid moneys from church

The two contractors appealed to the Archbishop to make arrangement so that they receive “the more than €150,000” owed to them

By Evie Andreou

THE two contractors claiming the Archbishop owes them money for the construction of the Ayia Varvara church in Aglandjia, were paid two years ago, a member of the ecclesiastical committee said on Friday.

In an open letter circulated yesterday in the press and online, the two contractors appealed to the Archbishop to make arrangement so that they receive “the more than €150,000” owed to them by the Ayia Varvara ecclesiastical committee for the construction of the church that bears the same name. The church was completed in 2012.

The two men said they need the money to pay their contributions to the social insurance fund, and that they face imprisonment if they don’t.

“The sum we owe is less than what we are owed by the Ayia Varvara church. As a consequence, if our company was paid on time, our imprisonment would not be imminent,” they said in the letter.

This would be their second imprisonment since in July 2014, they were sent to jail for the same sum of €120,000.
“We hope that it is not the will of God for us to end up in prison again. We ask nothing more than the sum owed to our company,” the letter said.

A member of the committee said the contractors were paid in 2013 when they had utilised former Laiki Bank’s factoring services to collect the debt.

“We were €160,000 short from the initial sum we owed the company for the construction of the church, and we had asked for a bank loan to pay it off but due to the bank crisis and the haircut we were not able to secure one,” the committee member said.

He added that the contractors had then made a deal with Laiki and sold the committee’s debt to the bank which had arranged to receive the sum from the committee in monthly instalments.

“After Laiki closed down our loan was transferred to the Bank of Cyprus, which we continue to pay,” he said.

The committee member added that prior to the open letter, the committee had discussed the issue again with the contractors and that he thought it was over.

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