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Man charged after stabbing dog in a panic

By Andria Kades

A man has been charged after he stabbed a dog in Larnaca, which later died from its wounds in front of owner who cannot hear or speak.

The incident took place on Saturday at about 7.45pm at the Vergena area near a park when the dog owner was going to take his German Shepherd for a walk.

According to police, the dog ran out of the gate towards a man passing by, who in panic, took out a small knife and stabbed the animal twice, once in the neck and once to the left side of its thorax.

After the incident, the man who had feared being attacked, called the police, and the dog owner took his pet to vet where it died from its injuries.

The man responsible was questioned and charged.

The Animal Party has sent a letter to the minister of justice and police chief asking for a meeting, calling on the president and all state officials to take heed of their concerns on “animal abuse in Cyprus that seems to be having no end.”

“On the contrary the situation is worsening and we, the Animal Party Cyprus, see no actions (as such have been long promised) by the state.”

The letter followed an incident on Friday where 17 dogs were found dead at a farm in Aradippou, Larnaca where they were starved to death.

“In just two days, Cyprus is showing the face of the non-stop animal abuse! These two cases are just following dozens of other cases of animal abuse in Cyprus,” the Animal Party said in a statement condemning the stabbing of the dog.

The Green Party was also critical. “When will the state take suitable measures? When will the animal police be established?” They too called on the justice minister to implement a bill they submitted to parliament in June 2012 on setting up an animal police unit and providing for harsher punishments for those who abuse animals.

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