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Letter to Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou

I am writing to you again with regards to my application for social welfare assistance that I sent to you in July 2014 registered delivery by post and signed on delivery by your staff in the Nicosia office.

I understand from my lawyer that you have a legal obligation to respond to my application by the end of this past May.

I know the rules changed last year stating I have to be living in Cyprus for five years before I am entitled to any assistance from the government but I arrived in Limassol  in December 2011 and I am looking very hard for a job that pays a living wage €800-€900 per month so I can survive without help but is proving very difficult.

I signed in my monthly visit to the labour office Larnaca and been told again there is no work available in Larnaca. I searched online and in other ways but the cycle of poverty continues. The department of social welfare who’s mission statement on your website says it aimed to allow every citizen of Cyprus the right to a dignified standard of living and to avoid social exclusion and poverty.

Well here I am a citizen of Cyprus holding a Cypriot passport and I have not been given one cent to buy any food and I am moving from house to house like a homeless man with no help from your department. It is shameful.

I know people come from other EU and other countries and receive money from your department which I have no problem with but my family has existed in Cyprus for hundreds of years and I have not received one cent in help.

I do not blame the social welfare office for my troubles as I have to be responsible for my misfortune but until I find a job, the government should help me.

My father who is 76 years old and under pressure himself with family problems cannot help me forever and the day will come when I will face the streets homeless if I do not receive any help from you.

I have been patient and I have been respectful to you but now I have to take the system on so a judge can look at my case. So instead of buying food I have to borrow money from family so a lawyer can take my case to court but that can be avoided if the social welfare office can show me some compassion and help me until I find a job which is my number one priority. Living off the state for free is not my intention.

I plead with your department to find my application form, which has been in your office for nearly one year and have it looked at and processed as soon as possible as I do need an urgent reply.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that you can help me avoid further problems as they are starting to have an effect on my health.

Kindest Regards

Pellegrino Pavli

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