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LGBT couples should pay fewer taxes

I know that the title of the letter sounds preposterous. Why on earth should LGBT couples pay fewer taxes than the rest of us? Well, they should have fewer responsibilities, since they have fewer rights than the rest of us.

I’m referring of course to the civil partnership bill, which will head for a floor vote with one significant change; under no circumstances will gay couples be allowed to adopt children.

Why you ask? According to the wasp nest called the “House of Representatives” society is not ready to accept gay couple adoption.

Not ready? What does that have to do with anything? A right is a right and it doesn’t depend on anyone’s preference. Were the people ready for more taxes, for a deposit haircut? They proceeded with those anyway. Why all of the sudden is society’s tolerance such an important factor?

Since we are on the subject, a family of four is currently under investigation for repeatedly raping children. Also, Cyprus saw the imprisonment of three paedophiles in one year.

None of them is gay.

The MPs arguments don’t make sense and sound ludicrous. The truth is that – once more – they opted to cower behind public opinion instead of leading the charge for social reform.

Malcolm Reynolds, Nicosia

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