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Short film in bloom

By Maria Gregoriou

Short and thoughtful are the shared themes of the ARTos Foundation’s third Short Film Bouquet which will be screened from July 2-3.

The open-air film festival is being organised by the foundation in collaboration with the Goethe Institut, the Institut Francais and the embassies of the Netherlands, Austria (in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Austrian Film Academy), Italy, the Indian High Commission in Cyprus and Business Insider in the USA.

The first short film (for over 18s only) is mostly directed by Ben Brand from the Netherlands and concentrates on a male character whose interest is drawn to a woman who he believes is the girl of his dreams.

The next film (which also contains scenes of a sexual nature) is a Germany experimental film entitled Hypozentrum written and directed by Xenia Lesniewski.

Hypozentrum is an amalgamation of fiction and reality which plays with the term of its title – meaning a place that cannot be seen but from which an extraordinary power originates and has an effect on the visible world.

Next is the Austrian film Exterior Extended directed by Siegfried Fruhauf. This is a 35mm film with 36 photographs on the theme of spatial perception in film. Fruhauf uses photos taken in a ruined house in the countryside which is wildly overgrown with plants. Photos are taken from outside, inside, from ground level, and through frameless window openings.

America is represented with the documentary The Life of a Cosplayer: Jenni Hashimoto. The documentary concentrates on the Javits Convention Centre in Manhattan where thousands of people dress up as their favourite television, film, comic, video game costumes for the New York Comic Con.

From Austria comes MeTube: August Sings Carmen “Habanera.” MeTube is a project that is a crossover of opera singing and electronic sound.

The last two films of the first night of screenings will be the animated film from France Mademoiselle Kiki Et Les Montparnos (the muse of the avant-garde painters in the early 20th century) and the Italian documentary Nostalgia.

Nostalgia is one of the eight short films created for the first Slow Movie Contest I 2014 and captures the beauty of the Chanti region in Florence in real light and leaves behind the postcard image.

Eight short films will be screened on Friday, starting with France’s submission Paroles En L’Air. It is a romantic story about a man who sees a woman crying in a near-by apartment and writes I love you on a paper plane. When he launches the plane it does not land in her apartment.

Germany’s contribution is an experimental film My Throat, My Air. It documents life at home with former Fassbinder actor, Warhol collaborator, and horror movie director Ulli Lommel.

The Italian the documentary Castellina Travelogue is also one of the short films created for the first Slow Movie Contest 2014, and focuses on life in Florence.

Austria has two films, Requiem for a Robot – about a worn-out robot with a corrupt memory who drinks to try and discover where he went wrong – and the animation, Family Portrait, in which members from a family portrait come to life.

The Netherlands will present the animation, Trampoline, which takes an unexpected turn when people and animals start jumping on a trampoline.

The last two films are the documentaries Inside a Muslim Slaughterhouse representing the USA, and Grassroots to Global, a documentary from India.

The American documentary bring us face to face with a slaughterhouse in Queens where customers can chose their livestock or poultry to be killed on site, butchered and packed up for the customer to take home.

Grassroots to Global celebrates the true power of innovation and innovators, while also telling a powerful story of entrepreneurship and perseverance.

Screenings will start at 9pm on both days, all films are screening in English with English subtitles.

Further screenings of the programme will be given July 11 at the third Xarkis Festival in the village of Lofou and on September 5-6 at Lellos Art Point in Limassol.

Short Film Bouquet Ver. 0.3
Screening of short films. July 2-3. ARTos Foundation, Nicosia. 9pm. English. Free. Tel: 22-445455

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