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And so the EU circus rolls on

The mayor of a Spanish village asked the mayor from his twinned Greek village to pay a visit.

The Greek mayor was amazed to find beautiful wood paneled offices, state of the art machinery at every desk, a luxurious café for staff totally free of charge, etc.

Asked how he managed to do it, the Spanish mayor pointed to a bridge over the nearby river.

“We got EU funding for a two lane bridge, but just built a bridge with a single lane and lights at each end to control the traffic flow. The balance went on our facilities here.”

A couple of years later, the Spanish mayor visited the Greek mayor’s village and was stunned to find solid gold taps, solid silver handles on all doors, a dedicated helipad and top of the range German cars for all employees.

Asked how he managed to do it, the Greek mayor pointed out the window and said “See that motorway over there ?”


And so the EU circus rolls on.

Brian Lait, Larnaca

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