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Taxi service make us want to walk

Earlier in the week I read the Cyprus Mail article about taxis overcharging with a smile on my face. On Tuesday last we took a taxi from Paphos airport to Limassol having been quoted €70, slightly more than we expected but it seemed reasonable.

Imagine my surprise that when halfway through the journey the driver asked where in Limassol we were going and having been told the Crowne Plaza put the price up by over 20% to €85.

I assumed this was legal practice as was driving at 110kmph whilst smoking and talking on his phone.

I duly paid and then lo and behold I read your article so last night I took my wife to the marina having wagered the right to choose where we ate on the outcome that the taxi would charge more than quoted.

I chose where we ate and will be again tonight as on both the outward and return journey the bill exceeded the quote by over 20%, €8 became €10 and €7 became €10.

Imagine if these people were builders.

Enjoying our stay, now a walking holiday.


Stephen Macrae, UK

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