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Firefighters desperately needed in Kato Pyrgos, residents and Greens say

By Bejay Browne

The Green Party is supporting demands made by residents of Pyrgos Tillyria to the government to provide seasonal firefighters to staff the fire station in Kato Pyrgos.

A statement issued by The Green Party’s Nicosia District Committee stated that it supports the request of the Association of Expatriates and Friends of Kato Pyrgos Tillyria for immediate staffing with seasonal workers.

They noted that the area of ​​Kato Pyrgos is located far from other firefighting stations and in case of an incident the fire services at Kato Pyrgos are forced to battle fires alone until reinforcements arrive. This can take some considerable time.

Tillyria has been hit by a number rural fires in recent years, the Greens noted.

In addition, the Greens said that there are a number of young seasonal fire fighters who live in Kato Pyrgos who are forced to travel long distances to and from Paphos on a daily basis to work at Paphos fire station and other stations in the district.

The Greens said that this pressure of travelling hours to work each day will have a knock-on effect and cause young workers to leave the area and relocate to Paphos. This will mean that the area will be adversely affected and the local primary school would have to close.

A spokesman for the Greens said that it makes far more sense to allow the seasonal firefighters to work at their local station.

“This is a very long distance to travel every day and it has been made even longer since the invasion, as a further 27 kilometres is added to the journey which is through the forest, due to the occupied areas.”

They added that by maintaining the rural fire station in Kato Pyrgos essential coverage of the remote region will be direct and effective.

Green MP, George Perdikis sent an urgent letter to the Minister of Justice on Tuesday, to immediately accept the request of the Association of Expatriates and Friends of Kato Pyrgos Tillyria for the immediate operation of Kato Pyrgos fire station, they added.


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