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Give peace its freedom

By Maria Gregoriou

The International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2015 continues with a number of performances of the anti-war play Peace by Aristophanes.

The comedy will be performed by a new theatre group founded by Yiolanta Christodoulou.

Although the play was firstly staged in 421 BC, at the great Dionysia – a few months after the death of Cleon and the Spartan general Brasidas – its themes and reflections on how all human beings desire peace and a life free of war and bloodshed are still very relevant today.

But still war persists and peace only shows its face from time to time.

The story begins with the Athenian citizen Trygaeus who is fed up with the ten-year Peloponnesian war and decides to act by himself and put an end to it.

He feeds a beetle, which grows to be a real beast, then rides it and flies up to discuss the matter with Zeus. But when he reaches Olympus he finds only Hermes present as all the other Gods have left, not wanting to witness what is happening anymore.

Now War reigns over Olympus and it has imprisoned Peace in a cave.

Trygaeus persuades Hermes to show him the cave where Peace is imprisoned and asks everybody who is fed up with the war to help set Peace free.

Peace is freed and all’s well that ends well, as Shakespeare put it.

The festival continues with a performance of Medea by Euripides on Sunday at Skali Aglantzias in Nicosia, Hippolytus – based on Euripides – in Paphos and

Nicosia next week, and two performances of Electra by Sophocles in Paphos and Nicosia during the last week of the month.

Tickets are available from SOEASY Kiosks in all cities, at Time Out Kiosk in Paphos and online at

Peace by Aristophanes
Performance of the play as part of the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2015. July 10. Curium Ancient Theatre, Episkopi, Limassol. €10/5. In Greek with English subtitles. Tel: 70-002414
July 14. Paphos Ancient Odeon, Paphos.
July 16. Skali Aglantzias, Nicosia

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