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Into the garden we go…

By Maria Gregoriou

Those who’ve been to the Nicosia Municipal Gardens on a Friday after 6pm in recent weeks will have seen the lines of people queuing up to get some nostril-tingling food from the very hyped and trendy Fork Food Market.

This Friday that will move to Aglantzia, but the garden will not be in any way empty. The Nicosia municipality has taken care of that as it plans to bring the garden alive with music, dancing, film screenings, theatrical performances, events for children and more food during the months of July, August – well, two days of it – and September.

Events will run from Wednesdays to Saturdays and they will run from 7pm until 10.30pm.

On Wednesdays the garden becomes a stage for dance and other physical activities. Dance schools, academies and groups will be there to teach us all a few simple steps from their graceful art. But dancing is not the whole story. Apart from learning how to dance, we can get some exercise while being outside in Nature, instead of a smelly gym or dance studio.

The dancing part of the programme is suitable for children and grown-ups so it is the perfect family day – and besides, Wednesday is a mini-Saturday for some.

This coming Wednesday you can learn a bit about fencing and self defence, both running parallel at 7pm. Next Wednesday you can get some hip-hop moves down while watching a dance show or get creative with some Zumba. On the last Wednesday of July you can pick up where you left off with hip-hop or see if you can look even cooler while learning how to break-dance.

As for Thursdays, well, they are made for watching films or a theatrical performance under the stars. The municipality will entertain us with documentaries, animated films, and short films for children and adults, as well as a few live performances that tell a tale or two. So, again, this could be a great chance to get your children involved in the outside world (away from internet surfing.)

If you are around the city centre tonight, why not pop into the garden at 8pm when Charalambos Charalambous will be putting on a shadow theatre performance entitled Karagkiozis and the Magical Tree. If you like that, then stick around because at 9pm there will be a screening of a documentary chosen from the upcoming Limassol Documentary Festival (which one exactly has yet to be announced.)

Moving on, next Thursday you and the kids can enjoy some puppet theatre during which Little Red Riding Hood is due to make an appearance at 7pm. Then, at 9pm, there will once again be a screening of a selected documentary.

The last Thursday of the month there will only be a screening of a selected short film from the Short Film Festival of Cyprus at 9pm.

Fridays have to do with getting those creative juices flowing by seeing what others have created. The events planned for July are organised by the Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories.

Tomorrow you can get to see some 3D art at 7pm or use your own creativity to create some graffiti. The chance to get involved in graffiti art will be afforded on each Friday of the month. Next Friday the art hub will showcase fashion designs together with notes on how the designs were created, and on July 24 there will be a photography exhibition.

On Saturdays the garden will give us something to sing about. This Saturday, Annita Constantinou (on vocals) and Neophytos Neophytou (on the piano) will be putting on a musical performance under the light of the moon.

The next Saturday event will be on July 25 when the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lakatamia Municipality will be presenting well-known songs in a number of different styles at 8.30pm. Things will get much louder at 9pm, when the band Monsieur Doumani will take to the stage.

Let’s go to the Garden
A festival of songs, dancing, film screenings and performances. Nicosia Municipal Garden. Until September 19, Wednesday – Saturday. 7pm-10pm. Free. Tel: 22-797192

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