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Fundraiser for dumped dog with severed paws

By Evie Andreou

Hermia, a 15-month-old female pointer found in a garbage bin in the Larnaca district last week with both her back paws severed, is happy to be in her foster home where she will receive treatment and rehabilitation, before she is placed with the most suitable family for her needs, her rescuer Rochelle van Buuren said yesterday.

Van Buuren, who lives in Larnaca, is hoping to have custom wheels made for her so that she can move around easily, or have her fitted with bionic limbs.

She asked to take Hermia in from the pound she was put in by the police after she was discovered in the bin, and provide her a decent living as she faced being euthanised within 15 days if no one stepped in to adopt her.

“We don’t know how she lost her legs. A lady told me the next day [she was found] and I had the dog taken from the pound to my vet,” van Buuren told the Cyprus Mail via email.

She added that once in her new room “she was clearly happy and excited” and seems to get along with the other dogs in the house.

For Hermia’s treatment, van Buuren said, she would like to take the dog to a specialist in the UK, “a Professor Fitzpatrick” but that she found another vet in Limassol who was an intern of the professor and she plans on visiting him first for assessment.

To help van Buuren, the German group Pointer-Freunde, which rescues pointers from Cyprus, have launched a fundraiser for Hermia’s treatment, while van Buuren will be in charge of the dog’s rehabilitation.

“Together we will provide her with a future. I believe that all of us have a moral duty to serve the community in which we live. I am British, Cyprus is my home, I serve where I am most needed, and that is by helping the sick and abandoned animals in my community of Larnaca,” van Buuren said.

Hermia is very close to having her new wheels or limbs as the fundraiser has already raised more than €5,500 and the goal is to gather €8,000 in the next two weeks.

After treatment and rehabilitation she will be placed in a home that will meet her needs, van Buuren said, and there are already several offers from across the world, including the US, the UK, the Netherlands, “but also many Cypriots with experience of disability”.

“There are distressing cases of animal neglect or cruelty every month in Cyprus. There will be no change unless central government acknowledges the problem and introduces a national neutering programme, until the police uphold the law and bring prosecutions, and until the justice system applies serious punishments in cruelty and neglect cases,” said van Buuren.

The fundraiser can be found at YOUCARING

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