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Cypriot citizen ‘yes’. A Cypriot ‘no’

Yes to votes for expats, yes to more participation by expats and yes to expats in government. That may upset the applecart somewhat delightfully.

They’d have to learn Greek of course, being the language of the House. And ‘Yes’ to new faces and thinking outside the box.

In all this I agree with Peter Davis, and also with regard to the need for overseas investment, and in our disappointment in the President.

What I disagree with is the use of ‘foreigner’.

I have been here 42 years – including getting captured by the Turks during the invasion. I have Cypriot nationality because I love the country, warts and all, two children born here. I speak moderate Greek and think I contribute to society.

But I do not consider myself Cypriot. My family is not from here, I don’t have the background/culture or family village, nor even after all these years do I have all the Cypriot ways although I try.

After a ‘fracas’ with a group here, when it was claimed that they – British – weren’t foreign as they’d been here 10 or 15 years. I polled my friends who are naturalised Cypriots, ALL of whom, bar one, regarded themselves as foreign despite their Cypriot citizenship, for the same reasons as myself. Even many ‘real’ Cypriots, who were born or brought up outside Cyprus have difficulties in totally assimilating.

On another note.

We hear so much about animal abuse, here’s something positive concerning the care, concern and consideration shown by both the Parekklisia local council’s  ‘dog guys’ and the Sirius Dog Sanctuary in both trying to catch and then neuter, a bitch who’d just had yet another batch of puppies.

The number of times they came, setting up the cage, moving it to always be in the shade, loading it with fresh meat… eventually the dog was caught only to have someone – I guess they thought the worst – open the cage and let her free. Never mind, the guys started over, and caught her again. There ARE many people out there who care.

Penny Douglas, Limassol

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