Cyprus Mail

Man arrested for cigarette smuggling

A 49-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday, after police found a large quantity of smuggled cigarettes in his possession.

Acting on a court order, officers pulled over the 49-year old at around 9am and confiscated two cartons of smuggled cigarettes. Upon further investigation, police found a van parked at the house of a relative, loaded with 1,214 cigarette cartons, 7 packs of cigarettes and 295 50gramme tobacco packs.

Police were led to the 49-year-old after receiving an anonymous tip.

Another 88 cartons and 5 tobacco packs were discovered at a third vehicle.

According to Customs and Excise officials, the cigarettes appear to have originated from the non-government controlled areas.

The suspect is expected to appear before court on Wednesday.


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