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KISA says Palestinian man beaten at Menoyia

The Palestinian man shows a mark on his neck

Officers at the Menoyia detention centre have allegedly beaten up a Palestinian man, according to immigration support group KISA.

KISA using the initials A.X. said the man was originally from the occupied Palestinian territories and was under subsidiary protection in Cyprus since 2006.

In 2014 he was found guilty for a civil offence and served one year in prison. Following his release, the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) issued a warrant for his detention and deportation saying he was “posing a threat to the general population” despite the fact that the offence for which he served time does not justify such a charactersation,” KISA said.

According to the organisation’s information, during the first few days of his detention at Menoyia, A.X. was been informed that his release was a matter of time since the competent authorities had come to the understanding that his detention was erroneous.

“As the time passed and the promises received were not turning into actions, Mr A.X.’s frustration understandably grew. Additionally, Mr. A.X.’s psychological condition was aggravated by a series of asthma attacks triggered by the air-conditioning system of the detention centre,” KISA said.

Following “provocative attitude” from a warden during the week while he was eating, A.X reacted impulsively and threw his meal on the floor.

Following his outburst, he returned to his room to calm down, KISA said, when a group of wardens approached him. KISA said he understood their intentions and “tried to leave his cell to enter a hall that is covered by CCTV in a desperate effort to prevent them from harming him.”

Pictures show him bearing a red mark on his neck. Police were not immediately available for comment.

The group is also demanding an independent prosecutor investigates the case.

“The handling of the whole situation by the competent body raises several questions in regard with the reasons for which at the beginning arrest warrants have been issued by the CRMD given that, as a Palestinian under a subsidiary protection status, he cannot be deported to his country of origin while no other country would accept him for residence so that he can voluntarily leave Cyprus. Also, the fact that he committed an offence does not make him a dangerous person for the public order according to law and also it does not automatically makes him an irregular migrant,” said KISA.

“In addition to that, we re-raise our concerns regarding the recent appointment of the same person as Head of the Asylum Service as well as Deputy Director of CRMD since these two positions as being in conflict, and the concentration of excessive power of this same person, apparently, is not exercised according with the principles of law and good administration.”

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