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Crystal art

By Maria Gregoriou

The old part of Nicosia close to Phaneromeni church is now jammed packed with cafes and bars. In the process, it’s previous glory as a hot-spot for kids seeking a taste of the alternative life is slowly fading away. Teenagers still flock there, but their alternative way of expressing themselves just doesn’t bring the square to life as it used to.

But something that has not changed is the shop Pharenomenis 70, which showcases and sells unique and original objects made by artists from various parts of Europe. The shop mainly focuses on local art works, both old and new.

Pharenomenis 70 is currently hosting an exhibition entitled Mix 60 Parts Sand, 180 Parts Ashes by Maria Kofterou.

The title comes from the quote from the Cuneiform script of Mesopotamia ‘mix 60 parts sand, 180 parts ashes from sea plants and 5 parts chalk, put them in the kiln, and you will have crystal.’

The exhibition showcases a series of studies of crystals. It is composed of drawings merged with glass structures. The drawings are detailed illustrations of unrefined crystals from high resolution images. They are then integrated in box-like glass structures, made by appropriating Tiffany glass art technique. Their geometric shape acts as a reference to the symmetric internal structure of the crystal and having similar composition to it, they are a sort of extension in space.

Kofterou’s motive for the exhibition stems was the work of biologist Ernst Haeckel titled Art forms in Nature, a collection of ornate illustrations of organisms he observed with the use of microscope.

Mix 60 Parts Sand, 180 Parts Ashes
Solo exhibition by Maria Kofterou. Until August 31. Pharenomenis 70, 70 Faneromenis Street, Nicosia. 5pm-9pm. Tel: 22-663320

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