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Holiday road safety advice

Never change a tyre on a highway if the wheel is on the side of the traffic

With the summer holidays in full swing and thousands of people on the highways, the road safety NGO REACTION has issued advice in case of accidents or breakdowns.

In an accident call 112 and give succinct information on location as well as name, number, what type of accident, injuries, the direction of the vehicles were travelling and anything else asked by the operator.

People are encouraged to provide first aid only if they know how to do so but an injured person should never be moved around unless leaving them where they are is a greater risk to their life. They should not be fed, have their clothes removed. Helmets should not be removed from a motorbike driver.

Never smoke near an accident due to risks of flames.

Driver should do all they can to avoid stopping or parking their vehicles on the side of the highway. Where it is unavoidable drivers should aim for exit road and stop at a secure place, the NGO said.

The vehicle should be parked as far away from the highway as possible and hazard warning lights should be switched on. Common sense actions such as checking whether a vehicle is coming before opening a car door are also advised.

People must not on the highway while children and other passengers should not leave the car. After getting out of the vehicle, the driver should wear a luminous vest or very visible clothes.

If someone has a reflective triangle they should place it just behind the stationary vehicle but never on the road.

Police can be notified at 112 and any road insurance company or road safety contact should be notified. Even if they are ‘quick and easy’ changing tyres or other basic repairs should be avoided particularly if it is on the side where cars are driving past.

People should stay away from the highway and wait for help.

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