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Wrong photos on new driving licences are ‘rare’

The universal driving licence shown by European Commission officials

DRIVING licences printed with wrong photographs were two isolated incidents and have nothing to do with the fact that they are produced in Romania, the road transport department said.

The official comment follows a number of complaints received by the daily Politis including a case when someone went to pick up his driver’s licence from the citizens service bureau and found it had the wrong picture.

Although his details were all correct, he questioned what would have happened had he not noticed it and was stopped by police.

Road transport department head Sotiris Kolettas said the Romanian company won the call for tender and bore no responsibility for the mistake. The error was due to the citizens’ bureau employee that submitted the details.

The complainant told the paper he heard that this error had happened in other instances, something Kolettas disputed saying it happened only twice before.

He added that people also bear responsibility because when picking up their licences they sign a paper confirming the details are correct.

Safeguards are in place to ensure there is no information theft when details are sent to Romania, while the company was approved by the commissioner for personal data protection, he said.

People with driving licences dated after January 19, 2013, are required to renew them and receive the new ‘credit card’ versions that prevent forgery. The replacement can be issued for free.

Licence holders dated before January 19, 2013 do not have to renew them as they will be valid until the same day of 2033. They will however need to renew them for €40 if they expire earlier.

The new version is being used by over 300 million drivers across Europe.

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