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Upgrading your marketing

By Maria Gregoriou

The world of marketing is changing as we speak. Traditional marketing agencies, advertising and anything to do with how things are sold are in a state of flux. Things are moving from personal interaction and hands-on selling to the realm of digital marketing.

If your career has to do with marketing or business in general and you do not consider yourself as up to date with the digital world as you would like then perhaps you could consider attending the Think Beyond Digital Marketing Workshop which will be taking place in Limassol on September 30.

The workshop, which will be run by Alexander Novicov – who will be coming over from London to share his knowledge – will give all participants the know-how on how business should be done.

Novicov will teach how to communicate with a target audience when it comes to the products and services that are on offer. As the founder of IQDigital in Cyprus (an agency dedicated to helping brands embrace social media and digital marketing) he believes in continuous education as a means of giving all business people the resources needed to understand and reach for the endless opportunities given to them by digital marketing.

During the full-day workshop, Novicov will be speaking about the latest on digital marketing and business from a fresh perspective including the latest insights on brand equity, increasing brand loyalty, social media engagement, how you can increase your social influence and how to sell in the digital era.

All those involved in the workshop will also get to hear about new technologies like Snapchat, Periscope and Meerkat. These new technologies are what everyone who knows about digital marketing is talking about and Norvicov will be letting us know how we can use them to better our business.

There will be much more ground covered in the workshop, including getting to know all about posts on Facebook and online advertising.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to change the way you communicate and your communication channels to attract people who will be loyal to your brand no matter what.

Novicov has worked with digital marketing for over seven years and has worked with over 90 local and global brands, created more than 500 online projects and has written thousands of blog articles on the subject. So it is safe to say that finding out how you can take your marketing to the digital level, is in good hands.

Think Beyond Digital Marketing
Workshop to do with online marketing. September 30. Hilton Park, Nicosia. 9am-5pm. €400. Reserve seats on: Tel: 22-101935

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