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EDEK questions funding source of pro-solution group

By Evie Andreou

Socialist Party EDEK on Friday expressed its reservations as to the validity of the nationwide research being carried out by the newly founded Greek Cypriot group Omada Kypros (Team Cyprus) with regards to a settlement of the Cyprus problem.

The party called for an independent audit of the group’s finances to reveal its sources of income.

“Everyone knows that a survey of this kind presupposes a substantial cost of several thousands of euros and it is worth asking how an organisation managed to secure this kind of funding within a month of operation,” EDEK said.

We fear, it added, that the aforementioned research as other similar actions with unknown sources of funding and “unknown” sponsors refers directly to practices of 2004.

“Everyone knows that the then initiators of the Annan plan spent millions through various “personalities” and “non-governmental-organisations” to propagandise Cyprus’ partition plan,” the party said.

EDEK was referring to the fierce war of words that preceded the 2004 referendum on the Annan solution plan between the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ camps.

Months after the plan was rejected by a majority of Greek Cypriots accusations were made against persons and NGOs that they had received US money to run their ‘yes’ campaigns.

Omada Kypros (OK) was founded last month by 42 young professionals who said that they want to support the efforts of the two community leaders by making the peace process more comprehensible to the average citizen.

The group said that they do not have any political aspirations but aimed to use their expertise to better inform the public about the various aspects of what was being announced or what was being discussed in the negotiations when it came to complex issues such as property.

EDEK also charged OK with supporting a plan “whose basic provisions no one dares to present to the Cypriots”.

“Everyone knows that the specific group was made up of people who had supported the Annan plan in the past and wish its revival as a basis for a settlement of the Cyprus problem,” the announcement said.

The party said that they disagreed with all those “attempting to cultivate a culture of acceptance of the occupation and reinforce the opinion that the Cyprus problem is a so-called intercommunal dispute instead of one of invasion and occupation”.

Responding, the group said in a short announcement that their finances were at all times available for audit, as per their legal obligation.

“We have already clarified sufficiently the issue of our funding a few days ago through an open, public and transparent process,” the announcement said.

The group announced earlier in the month on their website that their intention was that group operations would be mainly supported through voluntary contributions.
“To date, all our actions are the product of the selfless contribution of members of the group, who are putting in their expertise and much of our limited free time,” it said.

OK has also decided to use online crowd funding and will be announcing details soon, the group said.

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