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Traffic laws need better enforcement

My wife and I were involved in accident reported in your newspaper last week ‘Swiss tourist injured on quad bike’.

This Swiss young tourist collided head on with my car and was very seriously injured, he was not wearing a helmet. Just about every day there is a report in your newspaper detailing accidents very often fatal where mostly young people were not wearing helmets or seat belts.

There are laws requiring the wearing of helmets and seat belts, but no strict enforcing of these rules seems to take place. Any journey through places like Ayia Napa at this time of year or any village will illustrate this.

What I am requesting through your good offices, is to see if a campaign could be started with a view to end this unnecessary loss and injury of young lives. The 24-year-old in my incident was somebody’s son and the suffering involved by them and countless others in these incidents is immeasurable.

The laws need to be enforced and very much tightened up, for example if fines of €1000 were introduced for non wearing of belts and helmets,  then in my opinion the problem would be virtually eradicated overnight. Also tighter controls over the hire of quad bikes, scooters, buggies etc. needs to be enforced.

We have lived very happily in Cyprus for 11 years, and it is a major disappointment to see places like Ayia Napa, who have done so much in recent years to improve their image as a family holiday destination have it ruined by the lack of law enforcement.

EB, via email

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