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Policeman loses appeal over sex video of ex-girlfriend

The sex video was widely circulated in the police force

By Andria Kades
Senior Nicosia district court judge Stavros Stavrou has rejected a policeman’s appeal not to pay compensation to his ex-girlfriend for circulating a short video of her performing oral sex on him.
The 28-second video of the two was recorded in 2006 and made public in 2007 after they broke up. His former girlfriend, who is also in the police force, sued him for violating her privacy.
Lefteris Demetriou appealed the May 2014 court ruling that had awarded the woman €25,000 in general damages and €5,000 in punitive damages plus interest from June 2007 when the lawsuit was submitted.
His appeal was based on the premise that there was a good chance the decision would be overturned, and if he paid the compensation, she would be unable to return the money because she was insolvent and owed tens of thousands of euros to banks and other people.
“This claim remains general and vague,” Stavrou said. “There is nothing specific as to which banks and which other people she owes the money to. It does not specify how much she owes to each, what she owes it for and the timeline she has to repay everything back.”
Moreover there was no indication that the loans were non performing. “Debt – even in tens of thousands of euros – does not indicate, or prove insolvency.”
The court could not decree anyone insolvent simply because they owed money, he said.
“The only certain fact is that the plaintiff has a permanent job and receives a steady and respectable income.”
Demetriou has now been ordered to pay the compensation and his ex-girlfriend’s legal fees.
In the original 2014 court case, the court concluded that that Demetriou had known the video was personal and that he shared it to harm the plaintiff.
“The video that was shared circulated through mobile phones particularly within police circles, showed the plaintiff performing oral sex while her name and profession were written on the screen,” the court said.
The woman, mother of a daughter who was underage at the time, knew she was being recorded but the inspector, who was married, told her later that he had deleted the video.
The inspector had promised to divorce his wife and marry the young officer but after she realised it was never going to happen she decided to end their relationship.
He threatened that if she broke up with him the entire force would see the video.
He had also convinced her to write him a list – which she signed – listing the names of all the men she had previously slept with.
The woman told police that before threatening to publish the video, the inspector had used the list as leverage.
The man admitted having an affair with his colleague, but denied recording and disseminating the video, a claim that did not convince the court.

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