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Village committee doubts Archbishop’s word

Trachonas Church Committee has essentially called Archbishop Chrysostomos a liar for saying he did not know the €450,000 he took from the parish bank account was intended for a certain purpose.

“He knew the money he took was going to be used for a certain purpose and there are minutes from the church committee that are approved with his own signature. In the meantime he has held consultations for purchasing two plots of land in Strovolos while in public statements to the media he said ‘if he knew the money was for a certain purpose he would not take it’,” their announcement said.

Accusing him of “misleading Christians with his statement that he stopped the troublemakers –the leader of the church committee and Trachonas community leader Michalakis Christou and Christakis Matsis,” they questioned who really disrupted the church and said he assigned people to key positions such as committee leaders and accountants in order to control them.

“Who is misguiding people and when will he return the money?” they asked, stressing the Archbishop created a huge upheaval during the Holy Week when he took out the €450,000 from the Makrasyka co-op bank.

At the time, the committee accused him of stealing the money that people donated for building a new church but he retaliated saying he was the administrator and even if he had broken into the church to get the money, he would still not be a thief.

He claimed he had needed the money to pay the salaries of priests.

The Archbishop had requested the money before, but the church committee had rejected him.

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