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Cyprus Mail 70 years: From the archives, late 60’s, early 70’s

The relationship between Archbishop Makarios and General Grivas became increasingly strained throughout 1972 and 1973

The late 1960s and early 1970s are the focus of this week’s Cyprus Mail 70th anniversary uploads of archive material.

After the threat of a Turkish invasion receded at the end of 1967, relations between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots improved. Many restrictions on the Turkish Cypriot enclaves were lifted in March 1968 and talks between the two sides started in in mid-1968.
Far more tense, however, were relations between President Makarios and the Greek junta, General Grivas and nationalist Greek Cypriot opposition.

New archive material is upload every Wednesday and Saturday.The archives can be accessed by clicking on the link beneath the Cyprus Mail 70th anniversary logo on the right of the webpage.

Saturday’s highlights

  • Bishops repeat call to resign: Three senior bishops insist Archbishop Makarios should resign as president and not stand in the presidential elections set for February – January 4, 1973

  • Greek armed services in new coup: Military takes power in Greece to restore the ‘spirit of 1967 colonels’ coup’ which leaders say has been betrayed – November 26, 1973

  • Body of Grivas lies in state: General George Grivas dies of a heart attack in the Limassol house where he had his EOKA hideout from 1955-59. Thousands of Greek Cypriots go to pay their respects – January 29, 1974

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