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Nicosia, as you have never seen it before

As of Tuesday, Gloria Gallery will be opening its doors to welcome us all to view its new group exhibition entitled Vision of Nicosia by Angus Reid and Dinda Fass.

Reid (an independent artist) and Fass (a visual artist based in Edinburgh) lived and worked in the streets of Nicosia among both communities, from April to July 2015, with the intent of creating a portrait of the capital with a fresh perspective.

The work they came up with reflects a new atmosphere of tolerance, while the exhibition offers a new vision of the city, one from division to wholeness.

Reid first worked in Nicosia in 1986, creating paintings in places along the Green Line where photography was prohibited. During this year he has managed to extend this series by working on both sides of the line. The images captured from both communities reflect how welcomed he was.

As the painter searched for ways to challenge the prohibitions that deny a complete view of the city, he painted directly from the roof of Selimiye Camii (Ayia Sophia).

Very few images have been made from that roof in the past 150 years, and none since 1960. The paintings celebrate the ancient positive energy of this extraordinary and peculiarly Cypriot building: an immense panorama that he celebrates with four large-scale works. They look to the four quarters of the compass, peering into the streets and across the Green Line: a unique view from which to grasp the whole of the city and the whole of the island, past, present and future.

Fass walked and cycled through the city’s streets and communities with her camera, snapping up a series of images aiming to show the city as she sees it.

The black and white images capture the streets and the people in them going about their lives, and in doing so, give back to the city and its people a composite living image of itself.

The photographer also walked the streets of the Green Line in central Nicosia, taking pictures prompted by non-visual cues.

With the absence of concentrated vision, the camera acted as a surrogate eye, capturing what so many people in Cyprus cannot see. These images are a sensory document, a visual index to the unseen streets.

The resulting work is eyes open / eyes closed, a single channel video combining the two bodies of work. In this way, contrasting experiences of the city are juxtaposed.

The exhibition at Gloria Gallery will be opened by Mrs Eleni Loucaidou, the Deputy Mayor of Nicosia Municipality at 7pm.

Vision of Nicosia
Group exhibition by Angus Reid and Dinda Fass. Opens September 15 at 7pm until September 26. Gallery Gloria, 3 Zinonos Sozou Street, Nicosia. Monday-Friday: 10.30pm-12.45pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30pm-12.45pm. Tel: 22-762605

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