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Galanos chastises foreign embassies

Famagusta mayor Alexis Galanos

By Andria Kades

Famagusta mayor Alexis Galanos has chastised foreign embassies for not attending the Cyprus Theatre Organisation’s (THOC) performance of Hippolytus by Euripides at ancient Salamis in the north at the weekend.

Although 3,500 people attended, not a single representative attended from any embassy apart from “only one Dutch lady attended for private reasons,” he told the Cyprus Mail.

“It was very surprising. When there is talk in various embassies, particularly European ones about the reunification of Cyprus” yet there is no representation of this in their actions. It raises serious questions, he said.

“There is a general feeling that Europe is absent from the talks. We expect encouragement from Europe, we preach that the EU, US and the UK would like to see a solution to the Cyprus problem but for certain occasions they are very (selective) over what they attend.”

In an absence that seemed to Galanos almost orchestrated, he wanted to know had they received orders “or have they misunderstood their role in Cyprus?”

On a national level, the performance was “undoubtedly a success” and a positive message, he said, adding that many people who had chosen not to go had regretted their decision.

Although the production was slammed by rejectionist camps because it was held in the occupied areas, Galanos said Cyprus was a democracy and all reactions were respected.

“What took place in Salamina was right,” he stressed, reverting the topic back to his fury over the absence of diplomats, and especially EU representatives.

“I’m saying this as a European and not as a Cypriot,” he said, adding that Europe that was supposed to be supportive and the absence of any EU diplomatic representation had been a disappointment.

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