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LETTER: Charges against me are completely unfounded

I refer to the publication in the Cyprus Mail on Saturday September 5, 2015 page 6 under the title “Prominent lawyer charged” and I am informing you as follows:

This publication refers to me and attributes several acts such as “abusing police officers, traffic violations, not wearing a seat belt, illegal parking on a double yellow line and a verbal assault of the police”.

Exercising my rights of protecting my reputation and the truth and in an effort to avoid long legal proceedings, I inform you of my version of events and request you to publish it in your next edition.

It is correct that a police officer arrested me on the 3rd of September 2015 in Nikis Avenue Nicosia as a reaction to my pointing to him that he should behave properly to the people with whom he had a meeting in public in the same avenue. He felt offended and in an arrogant manner he asked me to stop my car only few meters away on a double yellow line.

He started shouting expressing his anger for my remarks to him to behave properly. Then he followed me to the nearby pharmacy and he shouted there that he arrests me. I asked him why, and he would not give me any reason. He also brought some more police officers as if he was expecting a warlike operation. He also confiscated my car and led me to the Likavitos Police Station.

I kept asking him to give me the reasons of my arrest but he did not do so for two hours. I never insulted anybody and never committed the offences he alleges. I simply pointed out to the police officer in question that his behaviour was unacceptable and nonsensical, and as a lawyer intended to sue him for damages.

In the end he felt the need to prepare some charges against me which are completely unfounded and he started going around the newspapers to publish his unfounded version.

This is a typical abuse of authority for which I have already filed against this police officer a civil action for damages for the illegal arrest and a criminal action for false accusations to the police. I also reported my complaint to the independent authority dealing with complaints against the police.

Loukis Loucaides

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