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Cyprus to take 274 refugees, government said

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The Cabinet announced on Wednesday that Cyprus would take in 274 refugees out of the 120,000 who have arrived in other European countries, as per the recent proposal of the European Commission, Deputy Government spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos said.

On September 9, Papadopoulos said, the head of the European Commission urged all EU member-states to take in some of the Syrian 120,000 refugees currently in Italy, Hungary and Greece, “as a necessary measure to manage the unprecedented humanitarian crisis EU is facing the recent months”.

As regards to Cyprus, the proposal provides that it will receive 274 people; 123 from Hungary, 115 from Greece and 36 from Italy.

“These people will be in addition to those already in Cyprus. The total number will exceed 500 refugees,” Papadopoulos said.

The number each state is required to take was calculated after taking into consideration the size of its population, its GDP, the average number of asylum applications it received the last four years, and unemployment rates.

“For every refugee member states take in, according to the proposal of the European Commission, they will receive €6,000,” Papadopoulos said.

“States are also given the option to choose the people they are going to receive based on criteria so that they take in those who are deemed as more easy to integrate into a given society,” he said.

Even though Cyprus had welcomed the Commission’s intentions to implement a national quota system to address the refugee crisis from the beginning, several other EU countries had objected to it.



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