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Investigation launched at Paphos hospital

Paphos hospital

By Andria Kades

The health ministry has launched an investigation at Paphos hospital after the parents of a two-year-old boy filed a complaint that their son was misdiagnosed with a sprained ankle when in fact he had been bitten by an insect or a snake.

Paphos hospital chief Spyros Georgiou declined to say whether this was a case of doctor’s negligence but outlined that when the child was admitted on September 11 his foot was swollen.

Undergoing X-rays, first aid doctors found no broken bones or any fractures but nevertheless put the leg in a brace “just in case”. The boy was subsequently sent to the children’s ward. Doctors at the scene reviewed the files and saw nothing was broken thus sought to check the leg in closer detail.

“They were looking and looking at the kid and they saw some marks that seemed to be from some kind of insect or serpent. They were very small,” Georgiou told the Cyprus Mail.

Barely discernible, the marks could not indicate what exactly bit the boy while the parents did not mention anything to the doctors.

The boy received treatment until Monday when the parents asked if he could be taken home for financial reasons as they do not have a medical card. The doctor said the child could continue receiving medication from home and he left the hospital.

“After that we found out the next day a complaint had been filed.”

Asked why the boy’s leg had been put in a brace even though X-rays showed bones were not damaged, Georgiou said “to avoid any leg movement” something that would not have helped had the bite been poisonous.

In August, Paphos hospital was investigated for a separate case when a young mother delivered twins when she was only expecting one child. She complained that despite undergoing five ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, not once was she told she was carrying two children. One child was stillborn.

The female gynaecologist, who had been employed on a temporary contract set to expire in November was dismissed and personally apologised to the mother afterwards.

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