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Revised dog laws by end of October

Dog owners will also be penalised over incessant barking

By the end of October dog laws will finally become stricter MPs said on Wednesday as the House will vote on a law amendment which has been under discussion for years.

The amendment aims at prohibiting owners from keeping dogs on balconies or terraces and in common areas at apartment buildings, the chairman of the parliamentary committee on the environment Adamos Adamou said in a statement.

He said it would be permitted to keep dogs in flats. There is also a special section on animal transport which is still under debate. Some issues are still being clarified to avoid misinterpretation, he said.

The legislation will be further debated in the two regular sessions of the committee in October and submitted to the plenum for voting.

The bill has been prepared with input and suggestions from local authorities, government bodies working with animals, NGOs and veterinarians. The many diverging views have resulted in slow progress.

Other topics under discussion have been the establishment of more shelters, penalising dog owners over incessant barking, matters of registration, the classification of some dogs as dangerous and what to do with owners who don’t clean up after their pets in public places.

Possible solutions have included imposing heavier fines and simplifying procedures to ensure speedier law enforcement.


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