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A message of thanks to the two leaders

It was my father’s dearest wish to see his beloved Cyprus reunited. I am therefore deeply honoured and happy that the two leaders, who are committed to reunification and are working tirelessly to achieve this end, were with us to honour my father and inaugurate his library at the Centre for Visual Arts and Research on September 7.

It is appropriate that my father’s personal library and memorabilia have found a home with the Severis Foundation. There is a long connection of mutual respect and friendship between our two families. The late Zenon Severis, Costas and Demosthenis’ father, served as a minister in my father’s cabinet, when he took over as Acting President in the difficult, dangerous and chaotic days of 1974.

The Centre for Visual Arts and Research (CVAR) is the first bi-communal museum in Cyprus and this of course was the most significant reason for my choosing it. It symbolises a commitment to co-operation and reunification which corresponds fully with my father’s political philosophy and his vision for Cyprus.

My father loved Cyprus, the whole of Cyprus, and all its people. He devoted his life to Cyprus, doing his best for his country as he saw it. He worked tirelessly throughout his life to bridge the differences between Cypriots, both within the Greek community and between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Nikos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci are both, I believe, devoted to Cyprus in this same spirit. Their being there together was the best tribute we can pay to Glafcos Clerides’ memory.

Thank you Nicos and Mustafa. But more importantly thank you for your commitment to Cyprus. Thank you for giving us hope that, even though my father did not live to see Cyprus reunited, those of us who are still here may do so.

Kate Clerides, Nicosia

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