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Despite being an immigrant, this is my home

Interesting comments lately with some pedants showing their colours.  However, I would like to add my three-cents to the argument.  I’ve been here nearly 20 years, and had to prove every cent we brought here. We never claimed one cent from the state and bought everything we own here – house, cars, furniture, and every blooming ‘goods and chattels’ that we own.  We – my husband and I – have never owed anybody on this island a cent. We always have, and always will, pay our own way because that is how we were brought up.  Sod where you come from, it is called ethical behaviour, and a respect for whichever country you choose to live in… you do not freeload.

Maybe I’m so old fashioned that talking to the ether. Yet I really do believe that there are so many ordinary people out there that are of the same mind.  Debt is one of the biggest blights on modern day society, whether it be personal or bank-owned.

Hence my opening remarks… if you can’t afford something, don’t do it.   I was brought up with the ethic – if you want something you save for it.  You sure as hell didn’t put it on a credit card – not that there where such things.  I don’t mean to sound puritanical, and I use credit cards, but credit beyond one’s means is bad news.

It is such a pity that some of the elite on this island misjudged and mishandled the expat backlash that resulted from their illicit ways.  I know personally of so many people who have left this island within the last two or three years, good, honest people who paid their way.

I can’t be alone. Every expat out there must know somebody who has left… deserted the sinking ship.  It’s a bloody shame because most of us expats pay our bills on time.  I’d love to know the percentage of expat versus locals, just in my community alone, who pay their water bills at all.  The way they hose down every day, they must get it for free because I couldn’t afford to do that.

Yes, maybe I am an immigrant – one of the hated British – and yes I can read the signs.  It is such a shame that so many ‘Brits’ have been ripped off by horrible property developers and that this lovely, lovely island is almost a taboo word now in England.   Doesn’t the Cyprus Tourism Organisation listen? Have they ever heard the song ‘nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t like to live here’?

I’m still here – still rooting for this island. It’s my home, and has been for 20 years, despite being an immigrant.

A hopeful resident, via email

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