Cyprus Mail

Hope dashed yet again

My hopes were raised enormously by your article on Tuesday  September 22 that ‘MPs take up Swiss Franc issue’, at last I thought after nine years of suffering, the enormous eventual 300 per cent inflation of our mortgages and the threat of losing our homes, this nightmare can finally come to an end.

However my hopes were soon dashed, all the MPs are threatening to do is …`pass a law protecting future consumers from significant foreign currency fluctuations’. What about us who have/ and are suffering this nightmare?? Since the cowardly banks are not prepared to stand up to their responsibilities and the cowardly government is not prepared to protect the victims of this ENORMOUS SCAM, we appear to have no other choice  than… to stop all payments to the banks and take the banks to court.

This would take four or five years to be resolved, the banks would make further significant losses of income and the court system would grind to a halt by the sheer numbers of cases involved.

Is this what the government prefers? Is this going to stabilise the banking system or will it more likely destabilise not only the banking system but also the legal system and further demonstrate what a cowardly leadership that is governing Cyprus?

Andreas Georgiou, Paphos.

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