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Green Party wants answers to infested chickens claim

The Green Party said on Tuesday it was concerned over information gathered by an international NGO ‘Compassion in World Farming’ that showed a hazard to the food chain in Cyprus when it came to chicken farming.

The NGO issued a statement at the weekend saying said it had just finished a survey in France, Italy the Czech Republic and Cyprus and that even though a ban on conventional battery cages came into force in the EU in 2012 the name had merely been changed to ‘enriched cages’ and nothing else had changed for the hens. It released a video on You Tube.

The video said that in a unit in Cyprus, the research team found that thousands of chickens were infected with mites and had not been treated because they were destined for slaughter for use in soups and pet food.

“The Green Party expresses its concern about what has seen the light of day,” it said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The terrible living conditions of the hens is dangerous to their health which results in a hazard to the food chain. Of particular concern is the reference that poultry infested with mites were  not treated but were used as material in soups or as food for pets.”

The party said it expected an immediate answer from the relevant ministry and the veterinary services as to the allegations and wants them to clarify the issue concerning the use of sick chickens in nutrition.

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