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One dog killed, eight fighting for life after shelter poisoning

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By Evie Andreou

Dog Valley Rescue Centre in Limassol, has issued a plea to raise funds for the medical treatment of eight dogs that survived a killing spree earlier in the week after they ate bacon laced with poison found scattered in the shelter.

The poisoning, which happened on Tuesday night, resulted in the death of another dog called Lassie, while the remainder survived but are still ill.

They were saved only by the prompt reaction of a caregiver who stays at the shelter at night, the chairman of Dog Valley Rescue Centre Christine Wilson told the Cyprus Mail.

“Someone threw pieces of bacon meat laced with poison into the shelter and nine of our dogs ate it. One of them died, but thanks to the caregiver, who called us and we notified the vet, the other eight have been saved,” Wilson said.

Elton, Flossy, Max, Joy, Nelson, Dinky and Charlie are currently fighting for their lives at the vet’s clinic.

“Police arrived at the shelter the very same night and took samples of meat found lying around and the dead dog for toxicology tests,” Wilson said.

The shelter launched a fundraiser for the treatment costs as it has trouble covering its standard weekly expenses as is.

“We are by far the largest shelter in Cyprus at the moment as we host around 320 dogs, when other shelters have between 80 and 120. Our weekly expenses reach around €1,600, which includes rent, dog food, medical care and water. We spend €500 per month on water alone as we have no running water. We buy 18 tonnes of water each week,” Wilson said.

A few days ago, one of the shelter’s mascots, Basil, was shot dead, Wilson said, but that might have been a hunting accident.

She added that the surrounding environment of the shelter was very inhospitable and that they have found another place, also in Limassol where they will move in shortly.

Even though the fundraiser so far has exceeded the group’s expectations, they said that any remaining money would be used for medical care for other sick dogs.

Wilson said that the shelter is also in desperate need of bedding and blankets to stock up for the winter.

“I also want to make a plea on behalf of all dog shelter volunteers around the world. Please spray and neuter your dogs,” she said.

She added that even if owners think they have their dogs confined when in heat, other dogs might jump the fence and mate, and a few weeks later they have to deal with a number of puppies they don’t want and which many, abandon.

For the fundraiser site visit:
For more information about the shelter visit

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