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Our enviable future as a circus state

File photo: President Anastasiades addressing the UN General Assembly

By Loucas Charalambous

UNDER normal circumstances, the only word to describe what we hear every day from our political demagogues is incredible. But we know them well and therefore nothing surprises us any longer, even though the president’s speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday provided the inspiration for them to surpass themselves.

EUROKO asked Nicos Anastasiades and Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras “to present the Cyprus problem as a problem of invasion and occupation of Cyprus by Turkey”. Unfortunately neither of them heeded the advice and we lost a wonderful opportunity, even with a delay of 41 years, for the 193 member-countries of the UN to learn what the Cyprus problem is about.

On the same wavelength, the other great patriot of the country – EDEK chief Marinos Sizopoulos – stated that Anastasiades’ speech was “tragic” because “it missed an excellent opportunity to re-position the Cyprus problem on its correct basis as an issue of invasion, continuing occupation and nation cleansing.”

I found the announcements, both of my friend Demetris Syllouris and Sizopoulos, rather provocative. Why had the political mentor of both and the great patriot, Ethnarch Tassos Papadopoulos, not done what they accused Anastasiades of failing to do?

Why had their imperious fellow-fighter of the ‘resounding no’, and undoubtedly the greatest of all patriots of Cyprus, not presented the Cyprus issue as a problem of invasion and occupation by Turkey from the same podium at which Anastasiades spoke?

Papadopoulos made five speeches to the UN General Assembly during his term. How on earth could he not have done this and why had they not criticised Papadopoulos for failing to re-position the Cyprus problem as an issue of invasion and occupation and continued talks for the wretched bizonal federation. Are there no limits to their hypocrisy?

At least Greens boss Giorgos Perdikis, another great patriot of our country, found a more original reason to criticise Anastasiades. “We believe that the financing of the solution and, in particular, of the compensations for the property must be covered by the country which caused the problem with the invasions and occupation of Cyprus, that is Turkey.”

There is no shortage of hypocrisy here either. On the one hand, Perdikis claimed he was against compensation and demanded that all refugees had their properties returned and, on the other hand, he agrees to compensation as long as the bill is picked up by Turkey.

But because I think Turkey does not have that kind of cash, I would suggest to Perdikis to propose that Turkey compensated us in kind. Now that Turkey has started sending us a whole river, she could give refugees that opt for compensation the value of the property in water.

I left DIKO until last. The party was livid because Anastasiades “chose, from the official podium of the UN, not to make it clear that the Cyprus Republic must continue as a state after a solution of the Cyprus problem.” Truly, this was high treason by the president. How could he have forgotten to say that Cyprus would carry on as a state after a settlement?

It was really a shocking omission. Because he forgot to mention it, we might not continue as a state after a solution. I have the suspicion that the president, who is a regular reader of this column, did this on purpose.

He must have thought that what has been written many times here – that the Republic is more like a circus than a state – would suit us better. After the settlement we will continue as a circus instead of a state. We will be the only circus-state in the world, but we satisfy all the requirements.

Just imagine how many clowns the parties of Papadopoulos, Syllouris, Sizopoulos, Perdikis and Lillikas would supply. At the next UN General Assembly, which hopefully would be held after a settlement, Anastasiades, as president of the council of the biggest circus of the world, would take the podium and announce the important news:

‘Ladies and gentlemen, I am in the happy position to announce that Cyprus, now that we have solved our problem, will carry on as a member of the UN, not as a state but as a circus. I think we would be more useful in this way, as you need to have someone to entertain you. Do not worry about personnel shortages. We have a plethora of very capable and imaginative clowns on the island.”

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