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Something to touch the very soul

By Maria Gregoriou

The Greek poet Constantinos Cavafy wrote that we should be grateful for the journey. The adventures and experiences lived along the way are what make us rich, not the prize at the end of the road. One such journey will be presented on Monday at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia with a theatrical, musical and dance performance entitled Touch of Soul.

As the title suggests, the show touches upon the theme of the soul and travels into its many dimensions. The soul becomes a vessel which travels in time. It sails in turbulent seas and becomes a tragic figure, it moves from solitude to companionship, from love to madness and so on.

Just as Cavafy wrote of Ithika (our destination) and our need to get to it – as Odysseus did in the ancient story – this performance also borrows its message from Homer’s masterpiece.

Traditional music and dance, together with a theatre performance in which Odysseus also takes to the stage, is linked with modern song to present the age-old story of life and our journey along the way.

As souls are many and each one has its own story, it is only right that the stage should represent as many as possible. With a participation of more than 60 artists, the performance will talk to the soul of most audience members and we may see a part of ourselves reflected in the part each cast member portrays.

Some souls will be represented by dancers from the Cultural Workshop of Ayion Omoloyiton. The dancers – who will be presenting traditional dances – will be dressed in traditional attire from Cyprus, areas of Greece and Italy.

The music will be performed by six musicians from Cyprus and Greece, and the theatrical part of the show will be taken on by Elena Mourettou and Theodoris Costidakis.

The theatrical text is written by Maria Papandreou and directed by Christiana Papadopoulou.

The proceeds from the show will go towards offering children from needy families after school activities to do with the theatre, dance and music.

Touch of Soul
Live music and dancing performance. October 12. Presidential Palace, Nicosia. 8pm. € 12/6. Tel: 22-256782

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