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Let the music take you

By Maria Gregoriou

If the Latin vibes move you, then be at the ARTE Music Academy tonight in Nicosia when famous Venezuelan soloist Gustavo Colina will give a performance playing the Cuatro – a Latin American instrument of the guitar or lute family.

Colina is a Venezuelan musician who has participated in numerous international festivals in Italy, USA, Cuba, Jordan, Holland, Kuwait and elsewhere.

The musician’s devotion to music represents Venezuelan and Latin American culture through his playing, as his music combines all the diverse musical identities that have created the aforementioned culture and music style.

His playing is not the only thing that helps spread his culture throughout the world, his music itself is doing a great job as part of his first personal album – Del flamenco al joropo – was used in a Boston Ballet’s choreography in 1996.

If you have never heard the Cuatro played before, expect a sound sweeter and softer than that of a guitar, and also look forward to a wide variety of musical improvisations – something that the Cuatro lends itself to.

Cuatro Concert
Concert by Venezuelan soloist Gustavo Colina. October 20. Arte Music Academy, Nicosia. 8.30pm. Tel: 22-676823

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