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Art unites

By Maria Gregoriou

After being performed in Nicosia earlier this year, the Turkish play The Missing by young writer, director, poet and playwright Aliye Ummanel will be staged in Limassol tomorrow.

The play, which will be in its original language with Greek and English subtitles, touches on themes that leave you questioning life and death, topics that affect us all on individual, human and universal levels.

Although the stage will unfold a story of the missing – one which is very close to our own recent history and reality – the play does not wish to pin-point a specific place or time in its plot. Also, the characters in the play are not given names which may link them to a country or nationality. Rather, they are given titles under which a group of people may exist: Grandfather, Mother or The Young Man.

“Missing is a play which starts from very specific issues, that of missing persons of war and combines this theme with a more abstract issue and questions what is missing for the post-war generation?” the playwright says, adding “it is anywhere and anytime after war.”

Ummanel tries to bring forth a feeling of empathy to help audience members realise a sense of confrontation. “That is why the play takes on a very humanistic approach which tries to find what is common rather than what is separating,” she adds.

The Missing
Performance of the Aliye Ummanel. October 26. Rialto theatre, Limassol. 8.30pm. Turkish with Greek and English subtitles. Tel: 77-777745

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