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Cyprus Mail 70th anniversary: The 1980s archives

The unilateral declaration of independence of northern Cyprus in November 1983 was a huge blow to the peace process in Cyprus.

The declaration outraged the Greek Cypriots and lead to massive protests. The rest of the 1980s was marked by a series of stop-start UN-sponsored talks which led nowhere.

Cyprus, meanwhile, could not remain wholly immune to the devastating effects of the Lebanese civil war (1975-90), nor unrest elsewhere in the Middle East. The 1980s in Cyprus saw both PLO killings and deadly hijacks.

New archive material is uploaded every Wednesday and Saturday.The archives can be accessed by clicking on the link beneath the Cyprus Mail 70th anniversary logo on the right of the webpage.

Wednesday’s highlights

  • Church buying time: Priests on the march in protest over moves to allow civil divorce and take it out of the church’s hands – June 9,1989

  • Turks deploy violence: Greek Cypriot women injured and arrested in green line clash with Turkish soldiers – July 20, 1989

  • Superpower embassies line Nicosia’s ‘microwave alley’: Why were the new Soviet and US embassies within a cat’s whisker of each other? August 29, 1989

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