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We don’t want to hear excuses on the property issue

We are encouraged by regular reports about the outcome of our two leaders meetings that it’s a smooth ride towards a solution.

They neglect to inform us that it’s because they are not addressing the serious issues of occupied properties but leaving them for commissions to take the blame by blinding us with laws contrived to cater for the premeditated de-facto injustice. 

Are we expected to vote for a solution without first knowing fully the precise conditions for prevailing assessments before we are eligible to our right of return?  The few exemptions I can think why the owner is refused this  right is if major works have been constructed and so is left with a choice to be a shareholder or sell.  Other excuses are made to measure to fit the invader but are too contentious to admit to the Greek Cypriot voters.  

A Dinou, Nicosia

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