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Cyprus Mail’s 70th anniversary archive highlights: The 1990s

The infamous S-300 missiles that were eventually sent to Crete

The beginning of the 1990s saw Cyprus in trouble internationally for breaking sanctions against Serbia and again at the end of the decade for the costly debacle of the 3-300 missiles.

On a more positive note, after years of debate the Cyprus University opened in September 1992.

Two series of particularly gruesome murders also took place – the rape and murder of two women in 1993 by home-grown ‘Al Capone’ or Antonis Kitas, and the murder of Danish tour guide Louise Jensen by three British squaddies in September 1994.

A visit by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in October 1993 was met with a mixed reception: too many Greek Cypriots remembered it was she who had signed the death warrants to execute EOKA fighters back in the 1950s.

The end of the decade also saw the stock market rise and crash, financially destroying many gullible people who had been encouraged to take out bank loans to invest while those in the know came out ahead.

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Wednesday’s highlights

  • Murder confessions: Three British squaddies confess to the murder of Danish tour guide Louise Jensen – September 15, 1994

  • Missiles will be deployed in Crete: President Clerides accepts embarrassing climbdown over S-300 missiles – December 30, 1998

  • 1999, the year of the stock exchange: Market rose by 787.83 per cent – December 18, 1999

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