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It’s off to wonderland 

By Maria Gregoriou

The season seems to be filled with fairytales, with classical characters once again making their way to our stages and cinema screens, and with a new twist on the old.

Two stories will make their way into our lives again, and each takes a different kind of young lady on her path to a happy ending in the days ahead.

The first story is Alice in Wonderland and the organisation that will be taking us into the land of the queen of hearts and mad tea parties will be the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation (CSO).

As of Sunday, for a total of six Sundays, the capital invites us all to follow Alice down the rabbit-hole during performances with the Allegro Vivace instrumental ensemble.

Following the great success of the concert series Peter and the Wolf and the Magic Remote-Control, the CSO Foundation is ready to provide the whole family with the Christmas present of the musical tale of Alice in Wonderland, within the educational programme The Musical Clef.

Ever since the novel was written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Caroll in 1865, children and adults have been fascinated by the girl who drinks something in a bottle to make her make her shrink, and eats a bit of cake to make her grow big.

The story has been adapted for television and the cinema many times, the most famous being the Disney version and, most recently, the Tim Burton version with Johnny Depp as a somewhat Scottish mad hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as the queen of hearts with the very big head. And, by the way, if you liked the Tim Burton spin on things, you will be glad to know that Alice in Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass will be out next year.

Now it is the Allegro Vivace instrumental ensemble’s turn to take us to the land where the Cheshire cat appears and disappears in the sky, with a joy (Allegro) for music and an intense and bright (Vivace) look on the stories music can tell. The ensemble will be directed by Alkis Baltas and Yiannis Hadjiloizou.

The melodies taken from various Disney movies, as well as free adaptations of excerpts from works by renowned composers (Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, and Prokofiev) will be accompanied by the vivid narration of the tale by the popular Cypriot actor Petros Georgadjis and projections of clips.

Sunday mornings will be filled with fairy-tale musical images, which will stir the imagination of children from six to 96-years-old.

Now to the second fairy-tale on our list, Snow white, the story of beauty and jealously and how good always wins in the end.

On Friday, within the framework of the Month of German Language, the 2008 television adaptation of the classic tale by Thomas Fraudner will be screened in Derynia.

The film tells the grim tale of the wicked stepmother that wants to kill her step-daughter, Snow White, because she wants to feel unrivalled by any other beauty. Snow White takes refuge with the seven dwarves. But she is still in danger, because the queen’s magic mirror tells the queen that she is not the fairest of them all, and that Snow White is therefore still alive.

We won’t spoil the ending, just in case you don’t know what happens, but don’t worry, wicked never gets anyone anywhere in the end.

The film will also be screened on November 28 in Limassol.

Alice in Wonderland
The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents a musical performance along with narration by Petros Georgadjis. November 15 until December 13. Pallas Theatre, Nicosia. 11am. €5/3. Tel: 22-463144

Snow White
Screening of the 2008 film by Thomas Freundner. November 14. Rathus von Derynia, Famagusta. 3.30pm. Free. German with Greek subtitles.
November 28. TEPAK, Limassol. 3.30pm. Free. German with Greek subtitles.

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