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A quiet and peaceful life has been shattered

Fifteen years ago we bought a villa from a very well known developer, on one of their estates. We had neighbours who had low rise villas like us, all was quiet and peaceful.

That is until one of our neighbours decided to build, what they told us was “an extension”. This turned out to be “a rebuild”. We were not happy as the new build now has a second floor added on our side, and on the other side they have built on that neighbours’ boundary. I wrote a letter of complaint to our developer, who sent somebody to look. They agreed that the building on the boundary was against “building regulations” but as it was a private firm doing the building work, they really didn’t want to get involved.

We now have an ongoing battle to get this resolved.
So word of warning. However idyllic life seems, all can change, but don’t accept it, fight it !


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