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The ironies in the rejectionists’ wrath

Lieutenant General Ilyas Bozkurt with US ambassador Kathleen Doherty

By Loucas Charalambous

I LOVE the hysterical shrieks by the politicians of the rejectionist front every time we are subjected as the Greek Cypriot community to a cold shower, inflicted by an international organisation, foreign governments or their representatives here. I enjoy them because I see them from a different angle.

All those who moan and heap abuse sometimes on the Americans, sometimes the British, sometimes the EU, sometimes the UN, sometimes Angela Merkel, sometimes Ban Ki-moon, sometimes Jean Claude Juncker (and many more) are to blame for the very things over which they are hypocritically devastated.

I like the phrases and the adjectives with which our silly politicians abuse everyone. These include the Turkophile Eide and British lords, duplicitous Europe, the “acquittal” of Turkey, the upgrading of the pseudo-state, the occupation appointee Akinci, etc. Everything on this planet stinks. Everyone is a Turkophile, an exploiter, two-faced, a schemer and all are conspiring against us. From morning till night they have only one concern – how to destroy us, the 700,000 crazy, spoilt Greek Cypriots. They have no other problems or concerns.

The new ambassador of the US Kathleen Doherty gave a reception in north Nicosia a few days ago. Some “devious” Turkish officers came up with the cunning idea – as Ms Doherty is newly-arrived and does not know what we are really like – to go to the reception in their army uniforms, whereas in the past they would go in civilian clothes. There was uproar. Our political demagogues went wild.

DIKO lashed out first: “The provocative action of the ambassador acquits Turkey of her continuing crimes against Cyprus.” I cannot help laughing every time I hear this nonsense about the acquittal of Turkey. If anyone unaware of our lunacy heard this, he would think there was some court in session trying the ‘guilty’ Turkey.

Forty years have passed since the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey and not a single state has claimed Turkey was guilty of something – not even our great friend Russia – or said that what Turkey did in 1974 was an invasion. But our political jokers, living in their fantasy worlds, see enemies everywhere, acquitting Turkey.

Resorting to the same idiotic vocabulary, all the demagogues decided to blame President Anastasiades and AKEL for what was happening. “It is the Anastasiades and Chrisofias governments that allowed the upgrading of the pseudo-state and Akinci,” declared DIKO.

But back in the days when the world had turned against us, under the Papadopoulos presidency, which endorsed the EU resolution praising Turkey for supporting the Annan plan, the pseudo-state had not been upgraded nor had Turkey been “acquitted”.

Giorgos Lillikas, the most patriotic of them all, this time told us that “the reception of the ambassador for the commanders of the occupation army constitutes a blow to the Anastasiades government.” But the blow was not to Anastasiades. It landed on Lillikas and all the other rejectionist demagogues.

Anastasiades and Clerides, who in 2004 voted in favour of the settlement, had warned that the no-solution policy would lead to the upgrading of the pseudo-state. They had warned that saying ‘no’ to everything would lead to the north acquiring the status of Taiwan. Back then Lillikas and the rest of the demagogues abused and mocked them. Today the mouthpiece of rejectionism, Phileleftheros, is talking about the danger of the north becoming another Taiwan.

The blow was not to Anastasiades, whom it is unfair to blame for this issue. The blow was to Lillikas, Papadopoulos, Sizopoulos, Syllouris and Perdikis who in 2004 voted for continued partition; they voted against the withdrawal of the Turkish army. “They voted for it to stay and it stayed,” as Turkey’s PM Ahmet Davutoglu likes to joke.

If we had agreed to the settlement in 2004, today there would be no Turkish officers to attend Ms Doherty’s receptions. Those who voted to keep the Turkish occupation army in Cyprus should be ashamed of what they did, instead of coming out and attacking those who had at least tried to get rid of it with their vote at least .


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