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When rubbish is a re-circulated resource

With reference to the contents of recent articles from Clive Turner and Peter Bailey in the Sunday Mail it is refreshing to come across two people who share the same feelings as myself and feel strongly enough to put words to paper and have them “broadcast” via your medium. After having seven years of frustration myself I would like to offer a possible solution to the problem.

In Scandinavia, waste is no longer referred to as “rubbish” but a resource with particular emphasis on the possible “re-circulation” types. Here in Cyprus the mess in the streets/roadways is mainly of items purchased from the local store. In Scandinavian countries and others this problem has been resolved with the introduction of REVERSE VENDING whereby the person is rewarded for the return of the empty goods. This is fairly simple to introduce but should be done on a national scale and needs the approval of brave politicians if they care as much for their  Cyprus as we do.

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